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As winter is approaching I am starting to see my skin get dryer. Using only my Kiehl’s Dry Argan Oil isn’t cutting it. And so since I was all out of my large Kiehl’s Creme de Corps I decided to stop by Nordstrom last night and pick up some heavy duty moisturizers lol.
I restocked on Creme De Corps:
So I have used the Creme de Corps body butter before but not in this scent, I think it’s new for the holidays and most importantly it’s LIMITED EDITION. Lmao we all know what those words do to me 😂😂😂.
I also wanted to try out a new body butter that smelled amazing. So the girl at the counter showed me the Moroccan Oil body butter:
I tried it last night and I smells and feels amazing!
Last but not least I picked up the Laura Mercier Body Soufflé in Vanilla Amber.
img_9142Now I’m ready for winter lol.

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