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About This Blog

imageWelcome to It’s Not About Inner Beauty. My name is Anush, and I have an obsession with beauty products!

As Grey Livingston said “Beauty comes as much from the mind as from the eye”. Though we cannot undermine the importance of inner beauty, this blog is about the latter – physical beauty. My fixation will manifest itself through this blog, where I will share with you my boundless knowledge of cosmetics, hair care, and all beauty products.

Note: I am not a professional make up artist. Although I have worked for many different cosmetic and skin care companies over the past few years, I do not consider myself a make up artist. My website is to inform and entertain my readers with my abundant product knowledge. Yes, I’m THAT good.

20 thoughts on “About This Blog”

  1. Hi could you please tell me what shade you are in make up forever hd and mac?
    Think your absolutely gorgeous by the way

  2. Hello Gorgeous!! I have a question regarding your glow.. even when u claim to feel white u still have a natural tint to your skin. What do you use for color or overall body care?? You are wonderful, keep it up!

    1. Hi Gee Gee,

      I am really into body care, just as much as my cosmetics. But I don’t really use anything to give me a tint of color. I just love to use sugar scrubs in the shower, I love body oils, and body butters. I have been tanning recently, but even then I don’t use tanning lotions.

      1. Well whatever it is keep it up!!! Lol you look gorg. And I love your blog. Enjoy your Memorial Weekend 🙂

  3. Hi, just want to say i really love your blog, its by far the best ive come across. please post more pics of you and your dress sense, i think youre super beautiful. Are you still on instagram?
    keep up the good work, it really does keep me going on a night duty especially.

  4. Hi Anush,
    Need your help… I have a problem with mascara flakes under my eyes… I have tried a few and have yet to find one that does not flake…is there one you can highly recommend??

  5. Hi
    Your so beautiful, what apps do you use to take pics and what filters (if any do you use)? Also any tips on taking selfies. Oh and im trying to find your blog where you did your sisters make up and used clea de peau?
    Oh one more thing.. whats the best under eye setting powder that is brightening youve used?
    Thanks xx

    1. HI. I really don’t ever filter my photos sorry. I would say emphasize my mac is amazing to set under eyes.

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