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Hair Care

Hey Guys,

I finally dyed my roots today! The last time I had my hair dyed was mid-December by Artur at Art Loris. I found a brand new tube of Elgon in Nero in my drawers so I decided to do my roots after the kids fell asleep. I love having freshly dyed hair. Secret: When I do my roots I only do the front top of my head, my crown. Lmao, the rest of my hair has about 1 inch of light ash brown roots but it doesn’t show. I am way too lazy to apply black dye all over my head and possibly ruin my bathroom. So until I visit Artur again (which will be soon) I will just pretend have to have a full head of freshly dyed roots :). Anyway, you guys know that my love for beauty products goes way beyond just make-up and skin care. I also have a insane obsession for hair products DUH.


After I get out of the shower the first thing I apply to my wet tangled hair is a spray leave-in detangled.
Today I used this baby: Rosarco Milk Reparative Leave-in Conditioning Spray by Briogeo
Right after I brush my hair (by the way, the only time I EVER put a brush to my head is straight out of the shower lol, other than that, I never take a brush to my hair, EVER.) Getting back to the point, right after brushing my hair the next step is taking a small amount of hair serum (oil) and hair cream, mixing them together in the palm of my hand, and applying it to my hair. Starting from mid shaft to the ends. I never go up to my scalp. That will cause my hair to get greasy immediately and make my hair limp. For the past 2 weeks this has been my go to combo for oil and cream.
Kerasatse Elixir Oil Cream and Sally Hershberger ’24K Golden Touch’ Nourishing Oil.
The combination of these 2 give me shiny, soft hair that smells to die! Of course I apply a very small amount because after I blow dry, or let my hair air dry, I apply another serum/oil for more shine. I can’t stress how much the amount you put matters. You want your hair to look shiny but CLEAN lol, you don’t want to look like a grease ball who needs to shower.

on “Hair Care”

  1. natalieberber says:

    I visited Monroe after you kept recommending it, and I asked suzie what she could do about my hair getting so frizzy after I shower and she did this cezanne treatment on me and my hair is sooo smooth and silky after I wash it now. Can’t thank u enough!

    February 20, 2017 @ 10:41 PM Reply
    1. anyut says:

      Hi Natalie, I’m so glad you liked the treatment! My sister does that too there. She loves the results! Xo

      February 21, 2017 @ 2:23 AM Reply
  2. Katina says:

    Hi Anyut,

    Can you share how you blow dry your hair without a brush? Thanks!

    February 22, 2017 @ 10:13 AM Reply
    1. anyut says:

      I use a round brush when I blow dry, what I meant when I said I don’t put a brush to my head is I don’t brush my hair on a daily, like after I blow dry or a day later. lol hope that makes sense. But I do use a round brush when I blow dry, I have posted it before.

      February 22, 2017 @ 10:24 AM Reply

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