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Another Phenomenal Hair Cut

By Art Loris (my hair God 😂)
I have not seen my sissy Emma with short hair in years! It looks soooo good!!! I think I’m kinda obsessed with waved short hair lol.

on “Another Phenomenal Hair Cut”

  1. Kat M says:

    Her hair color is also phenomenal! Who is her color specialist?

    July 9, 2015 @ 7:15 PM Reply
    1. anyut says:

      She has a very pretty natural color like a dark dirty blonde. But Artur at art loris does subtle highlights

      July 9, 2015 @ 8:48 PM Reply
  2. Colleen says:

    Why are you all so beautiful?!

    July 9, 2015 @ 9:12 PM Reply
    1. anyut says:


      July 10, 2015 @ 9:47 AM Reply
  3. Teny says:

    Yours and your sisters bone structures are out of this world! I may have commented this in the past but I need to say how much I love the fact that you both are so natural with your faces. It’s not all about that tiny tiny nose and big big lips. So naturally stunning with your features! You guys do Armenian beauty so well 🙂

    July 11, 2015 @ 3:21 AM Reply
  4. Renah says:

    Anyut I’m really into your new hair cut and your sisters. I am looking to cut my hair and would like to show either of your hair to the salon. Would you mind taking more pics of your hair or your sisters?

    July 15, 2015 @ 3:23 PM Reply
  5. Eve says:

    I really would love to visit this Hair stylist you always rave about, but unfortunately it is out of my budget right now. Even though I can definitely see you do get what you pay for, his work is amazing!! Do you think you can recommend anyone else for a hair cut that is also good, but for someone on a budget now?? I would really appreciate that!

    August 7, 2015 @ 11:24 AM Reply
    1. anyut says:

      Let me think about it. I’ll keep you posted!

      August 7, 2015 @ 2:29 PM Reply
      1. Eve says:

        Thank you very much!! 🙂

        August 18, 2015 @ 9:18 AM Reply

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