Powder Pink…


Hey guys,

Yesterday I was at Sephora (SHOCKING I KNOW) and came across a beautiful powder pink lipgloss by YSL. I normally don’t wear colors outside the nude family but the texture of this lipgloss was so interesting and the color was so pretty that I could not resist! It goes on like a lipgloss, then turns into a lip stain…this I love because I hate having the warm feeling of lip gloss on my lips.

Check it out!



Its from a new collection Rouge Pur Couture Vernis A Levres Glossy Stain…and there are many other colors. This one is #19 Beige Aquarelle.

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  1. Opal McAdams says:

    I am SO happy I came across this blog! And I never say that about any blog. It has some great information and pictures. You share the same love for nude lip color that I do! Nice work.

    February 3, 2013 @ 4:41 PM Reply

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The BIG “K”


Good Morning Everyone!

Hope everyone had an amazing weekend, I sure did!!! I woke up this morning to do an early Kerastase Treatment on myself. Here is what it looks like!


These little suckers are highly concentrated doses of active treatment and work wonders on the hair, they work just as great as a cream treatment, if not better. I used to use them often years ago when I managed a salon. Now I use them when I remember to buy them lol. Over the weekend I had stopped by the Beverly Center and purchased this one from Kristies Beauty Supply right by Bloomingdale’s.

How to use: Shampoo your hair, and spray the treatment on towel dried hair. I spray half the bottle, comb through my hair, then spray in the rest of it. Concentrating for on the tips, but spraying it everywhere. I leave it on for only 15-20 mins and rinse off.

Hope everyone has a wonderful week!!!


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Hey everyone,

I must say that out of all the products I bought, (and let me tell you, I bought a lot! lol) my favorite product was my ERA FACE FOUNDATION FROM CLASSIFIED!!!

My girlfriend and very talented make-up artist, Lilit, from MAKEUPBYLILIT on Instagram and Lilit’s Makeup Studio in Sherman Oaks CA, has been using ERA SPRAY FOUNDATION for years. I had never really payed attention to it before because I was in the habit of using foundations from well-known lines, which were sold at department stores. On Sunday, when I went to IMATS, Lilit had her own booth to promote her fabulous beauty classes at Lilits Make-Up Studio. Although CLASSIFIED was not at the IMATS, Lilit was selling it since she carries the line at her studio located on 13240 1/2 Riverside Drive. Anyway, let me cut to the chase…I bought 2 cans of shade No.5 and tested it out as soon as I got home. I FELL IN LOVE!!! It’s like wearing make-up, but not really wearing any make-up lol if that makes any sense. I am, unfortunately, so used to wearing foundation that looks heavy, which, in my opinion, isn’t the greatest look. Wait, don’t get me wrong- it’s not like I like the “all natural” look but I don’t wanna look like I have 3 layers of icing on my face.. Ideally, I prefer the products on my face to give me good coverage but appear as though I had nothing to cover up…doesn’t everyone?

ERA FACE SPRAY ON FOUNDATION is seriously insane!!! I’ve been amazed at how great it looks since the first day I put it on my face. It looks like my own skin with a glow. I made my husband stare at my face lol so he can see how amazing it was ’cause he absolutely hates it when my foundation looks “cake-ie.” He totally approved! Not only was it wonderful ON my skin but also TO my skin..and it lasted ALL freakin day!!! Needless to say that I have been using it every day since Sunday.. NO BREAKOUTS NO BLEMISHES!!


According to Jean Black, major motion pictures make-up department head, ERA FACE SPRAY ON FOUNDATION lasts all day and is a life saver. Jean says, “throughout twilight’s Breaking Dawn we used ERA, from CLASSIFIED cosmetics, and it never let us down. With the difficult weather, temperature, etc, we needed a makeup to endure and still look fantastic at the end of the day.” So, now, all you Twihard fans know one of the secret behind Edward’s and Bella’s perfect complexion.

Some of you may think it’s odd to use a spray foundation, I get that because I thought the same thing for years… hence, the reason I never cared to try it out. Now that I’ve tried it, I must say that it’s actually easy to apply. My girlfriend Lilit showed me how she applies it on her clients and on herself. She thoroughly shakes the can, then sprays the foundation on the back of her hand, and using the Beauty Blender she dabs it on the face. The coverage is medium to full buildable.

Here are some of the looks from my girl Lilit, using Era Spray Foundation

This is the Gorgeous Lilit herself!

One of my all time favorite looks!

Her beautiful assistant Elo…also wearing ERA!

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  1. Marianna says:

    Anush , do you know what illuminizer they use ?

    March 9, 2014 @ 12:05 AM Reply

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Aqua Liner


Hey guys,

I recenlty decided to buy a liquid liner that is not from a drug store. lol. My favorite drug store liquid liner that I have been using since out of high school is by Almay Liquid Liner. The only reason I decided to buy a more expensive brand was to see if there really could be a difference in liquid liners when it came to department stores and drug stores.

This is what I bought… Make Up Forever Aqua Liner


The only difference was that this liner lasted a lot longer than my Almay. Not even the tear duct area smudged off. Other than that, everything else was the same.


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Hey guys,

4 days overdue…here are the products I got from the IMATS on Sunday!


You can never have enough beauty blenders!!!

Ben Nye blushes! Amazing pigments!

Same blushes just upside down so you guys see the colors!

Model in a Bottle! Stay in place make-up spray, the purple one is a new formula for normal to sensitive skin.

Hakuhodo Brushes! I was introduced to them at IMATS. I have never seen brushes this amazing in my life! They are pretty expensive but worth every penny!

Brush Cleaner from Hakuhodo

Powder Brush made of Goat Hair

Powder Brush made of Goat Hair. Used best for loose powder such as Youngblood or Bare Minerals.

For filling in my eyebrows with powder.

Phenomenal blush brush!!! the bristles are firm but not to firms, so it holds color well and blends even better!

Cinema Secrets Brush Cleaner…Simply the BEST

Velour Mink Lashes! They were sold out by the time I got to the booth so I got what was left…


Classified Cosmetics, ERA FACE SPRAY FOUNDATION in no.5

Brow Grooming Brushes…I lose these so often, so I bought 2.

Another Angled Brow Brush…

My good friend Anna, from Make-up by Anna, once told me Inglot has the best and blackest gel liner. So I am going to give it a shot.

Enzo Milano…Ceramic Hair Curler


Bdellium Tools brush #942 contouring…GO GREEN!

Velour Lashes…You Complete Me, Lash in the City, and the Extra Oomph!

Ardel Lashes…

Lip Tar in Kava Kava and Interlace

Inglot lipgloss in color #100

Brow Groomer from Chella! I love these little suckers.

Senna Cosmetics…loved this color called Bellini

Bodyography Cosmetics lip plumper

LimeCrime Cosmetics Lipstick in Coquette #obsessed!

Bodyography LipStick/LipGloss/LipStain color is gorge! and smells amazing.

ERA Spray Foundation

Bodyography LipSticks in Late Bloomer and Pop the Question.

Chella brow wax pencil in Dazzling dark brown!

Hope you all enjoyed taking a look at these! after using the products for a while I will blog more about them.


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Hey guys,

A couple of years ago after getting my hair cut by Artur at Art Loris Salon he recommended I buy Enjoy Shampoo Condition and Conditioning Spray. I never really liked the shampoo and conditioner but I loved the conditioning spray. I stopped using it for a while but went back to it again after trying a few other brands.

Here is what the bottle looks like:


After getting out of the shower I spray that on towel dried hair and theN brush through. Oh and of course it smells amazing!


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Purify with Pureology


Hey Everyone,

Hands down best cleansing shampoo is…


I use this once every 2 weeks…or when I feel like I have been using too much product. I don’t recommend using it too often cause it will dry out your hair, it also tend to wash off color. Last week I felt like my color looked too dark…I washed my hair twice in one week with this shampoo and I had light hair again. After washing with this shampoo I like to use a conditioning treatment instead of basic conditioner. I use a heavier conditioner to reverse the dryness the shampoo.


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Blow Out!


The BEST round brush for an amazing blow out is…..


I have used and abused my fair share of round brushes. Every possible bristle type from boar to ceramic I have used…but nothing beats the NanoThermic ceramic+ion. I blow dry my own hair most of the time, and often I get asked “who does your blow-outs”. This has got to be from the brush cause it sure as hell isn’t my “technique”. I have compared it to other brushes, but I never get the same results.

I purchased mine from Beauty Marked in Glendale, CA. But I have seen them in many other beauty supply stores.


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on “Blow Out!”

  1. JR says:

    Hi Anyuta! What size is your brush? I have been looking for a new round brush and am so excited to try this one! Thank you for all the fabulous posts! xo

    January 20, 2013 @ 8:29 AM Reply
    1. anush says:

      I dont know the size off the top of my head but I know is one size smaller than the biggest one they have.

      September 4, 2013 @ 4:43 AM Reply

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Vanilla Crazy…


Hey guys,

I stopped by Nordstrom after work today to restock my Antica Farmacista room fragrance, and I came across a Nordstrom brand vanilla sugar scented candle that smelled really good for only $20. I lit it at home about an hour ago and was pleasantly surprised by how the smell really filled the room.



If you’re a vanilla lover like me, you should definitely try out both of these products.


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