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Hi guys,

So my hubby and I had spent Labor Day weekend in Palm Springs with our friends at a private house. I decided for 4 days I was going to eat whatever I wanted, and that means anything and everything spicy. The aftermath of this was scary. If you guys saw what my skin looked like with the combination of junk food, alcohol, lack of sleep, and sun, you all would have felt bad for me. So when I came back I decided to watch my diet and consider some new skin care products. I went to Nordies, and after consulting with a specialist I got some products that I now love love love!!!

Here they are:

Kate Somerville Detox Daily Cleanser -I thought Philosophy Purity washed off my make-up great until I used this face wash! It smells amazing, it melts the make-up off your face! and after using it twice daily, morning and night for 2 weeks, I saw a huge difference in the clarity of my skin!

Now…if you have dry skin, which I do, then you will love Nourishing Moisturizer by Perricone MD! It was my first time using Dr. Perricone skin care and I am very happy with it. After using it for 3 weeks I have not gotten one blemish or reaction, and it deeply moisturizes dry skin.

I blogged about this products weeks ago in a oily skin post. A friend of mine uses it and recommended it to me. Its a great acne spot treatment by Kate Somerville called EradiKate Acne Treatment. After washing my face at night with the detox cleanser, I apply the treatment on any blemishes using a Q-tip. In the morning its practically gone.

As always…I have enjoyed sharing this information with you all! Have a great day 🙂


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Hi guys,

Check out these beautiful new colors! I normally dont wear lipgloss especially M.A.C but the texture of these are amazing, and it stays on for hours!

Pro Longwear Lipglass in Patients Please

Pro-Longwear Lipglass in Long Love Love


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  1. sally says:

    omg this is so irrelevant ! but i love love love your bracelet! where did you get it ?

    November 4, 2014 @ 3:16 AM Reply
    1. anyut says:

      Hi Sally I got it from Neiman Marcus a few years ago.

      November 4, 2014 @ 9:01 AM Reply

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Kamay Beauty in San Diego


Hi guys,

The past few weeks I wasn’t able to blog much so I’ll share with you all the things I bought during that time. The weekend before Labor Day weekend I was in San Diego with my family. We go there a few times a year to visit family, I love it there it’s so refreshing! We stay at the most beautiful hotel in Del Mar called L’Auberge. On every one of my visits I must go to Kamay Beauty, it’s a huge beauty store in Solano Beach. This time I bought some fun body products and candles.

I love all Fresh products. This one is a great body scrub. I use it after washing my body with an actual body wash. It leaves your skin very moisturized and smelling great.

These candles smell amazing! Very warm and sexy…

I liked the idea of this product, but I didn’t love it when I actually used it. It’s kinda weird cause you use have to apply it directly on your wet skin, not on a luffa. It doesn’t really lather, it just becomes soapy. So I don’t feel like I washed my body.

Have you guys heard of Dry Brushing? It’s when you take a brush like this, with boar bristles, and brush your body dry before showering. It removes dead skin and feels great.

This is from the Germany Collection

I also got the Nailtiques Formula 2 and OPI Nail and Cuticle Oil from Kamay.


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Hi everyone!!!

As you all have noticed (or at least I hope you have lol) I have not been blogging any “Nail” posts. Then again I haven’t been blogging much at all. The reason for the lack of nail posts are because 2 months ago I took off my acrylic overlay and have been letting my natural nails grow out. I got sick of the fake nails. After taking off the acrylics my natural nails were looking sooo horrible and brittle that I couldn’t post any pix. I have been going for my weekly manicures but not applying any color, and cutting them really short like man nails. Its been a little over 2 months and they have grown a little bit more than half way. With the help of Ann (my manicurist), Nailtiques Formula 2, and O*P*I Avoplex Cuticle and Nail Oil my nails are coming back to their fabulous old selves. Soon I shall start posting weekly nails with my natural nails.



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Hi Guys

My site was attacked with malware for the past 3 weeks and I was unable to log into my admin and post blogs. Soooo annoying! Anyway my web designer and google finally cleared my site from the attack just a few hours ago -_-….

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